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how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, black marker.


Gather supplies. 



1.  Gather together the raw end of the cuff and secure with a rubber band.  Trim to shape into a tassel.

2.  Remove the hanger from the top of the ornament.  Place the ornament inside the glove top first.

3.  Snip the ends of the fleece to make fringe.  Fold in half and insert the folded edge into the glove.  Glue in place.

4.  Glue the decorative snowflake to the scarf.

5.  Cut the white felt squares into circles.  Pinch one edge of the circle and glue, forming an ear.  Repeat with the other piece of felt. 

6.  Trim the pinched section to make a flat edge for gluing onto the bear's head.

7.  Position the ears onto the hat and glue in place.

8.  Fold the ribbon in half.  Pinch together a small section of the hat and insert the cut ends of the ribbon.  Glue into the fold.

9.  Cut or break the peg from the bear nose as close as possible to the base of the nose.  (Or substitute a piece of black felt shaped like a nose.)

10.  Glue the nose to the ornament.  Use a marker to draw eyes and a mouth.

polar bear

difficulty rating - 3

1 - 2 1/2" white ball ornament

1 - cuff from a cotton knit glove

1 - 7" x 3/4" piece of red fleece

2 - 1" x 1" piece of white felt

1 - 21mm bear nose (or black felt)

1 - 5" length 1/4" red ribbon

1 - 1/2" decorative snowflake

1 - small rubber band

materials list