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lightbulb moose

difficulty rating - 3

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, fine-point black marker, needle.


Gather supplies.  Paint the light bulb brown.  Fold the piece of fleece in half, so that you have a piece that is 5" by 2-1/2". Sew or glue the unfinished edge of the 5" side.



1.   Gather the fabric 1-1/2" from the end and secure with a rubberband to form the hat.

2.  Snip the short side into narrow strips to form a tassel for the hat. 

3.  Turn back 1/2" of the other end of the hat fleece to form the cuff.  Place the hat over the end of the lightbulb and glue in place.

4.  Cut antlers out of the piece of brown cardstock.  Corrugated or other textured finishes add a nice touch.

5.  Fold the tan felt to form the ears.

6.  Glue the ears onto the center of the antlers.

7.   Glue the antlers and ears onto the back of the hat and lightbulb.

8.  Using the black sharpie, draw eyes, nose and a mouth.  Use the cotton swab to add blush to the cheeks. 

9.  Wrap the lights loosely around the hat and antlers.  Thread the gold string through the front of the hat for a hanger.

brown paint for light bulb

1 - regular-sized light bulb

1 - 5" x 5" piece of fleece

1 - 2" x 5" piece of brown cardstock

2 - 2" triangular piece of tan felt

1 - 10" length of mini lights

1 - 6" length of gold string

1 - small rubber band

materials list                           

black marker