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lightbulb gingerbread

difficulty rating - 4

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, craft glue, scissors, pencil.



Gather supplies.  Paint the lightbulb with the brown paint and let it dry.



1. Put a small dot of hot glue on the tip of the screw-end of the light bulb.  Place the tip in the center of the square piece of fabric

2.  Gather the fabric together from the glued point, being careful not to detach the fabric from the light bulb.  Trim fabric evenly to the shortest point. 

3.  Flip the fabric back over the light bulb and gather it around the bulb.  Place a rubberband around the fabric near the bottom edge of the fabric.  Spread out the gathers evenly to make the nicest hat.

4.  Leaving the rubber band in place, slide the fabric back up the light bulb to just below the metal edge.  Glue the fabric lightly in place

5.  Fold the piece of ribbon in half and glue the cut ends onto the fabric just below the rubber band.  This will be the hanger.

6.  Place the 3x6 piece of fabric on a flat surface.  Fold into thirds long-ways and fingerpress.

7.  Wrap the folded fabric around the light bulb, covering the raw edges of the fabrics and the rubberband, being sure to position the ribbon in the front.  Trim as needed and glue in place.

8.  Use a pencil to lightly draw the face of the gingerbread.  Trace the outline with a thin line of tacky glue, and apply the rick-rack.  Trim excess to use for the mouth.

9.  Apply a thin line of tacky glue for the mouth, and position and glue the rick-rack.

10.  Use hot glue to attach the black poms for eyes, and the red hearts for cheeks.

11.  Glue the red bow to the chef hat, or to the chin to make a bow-tie.

1 - regular-sized light bulb

1 - 8" x 8" piece of white muslin

1 - 6" x 3" piece of white muslin

1 - 9" length of white mini rick rack

1 - 6" length 1/4"-wide white ribbon

2 - 1/2" red satin hearts (or felt)

2 - 5mm black poms

1 - 1" red velvet bow

1 - medium-sized rubberband

    brown paint for light bulb

materials list