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german bell

difficulty rating - 3

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, white glue, scissors, straight-egde or ruler, scoring tool or sharp nail.


Gather supplies.  Transfer the template to the cardstock.  Adhere the wrong side of the fabric to the wrong side of the cardstock using a thin coat of white glue.



1.  Place the prepared cardstock fabric-side down on a flat surface.

2.  Using a sraight-edge, score all of the lines on the diagram, except the outer edge.  Be careful not to score too deeply, but a strong score makes a neater, easier fold.

3.  Cut out the triangles marked "remove" in the pattern.  Cut the short lines marked "cut."

4.  Fold the pattern inward on all the scored lines.

5.   Tuck in the outer folds and bring all the points together at the top. 

6.  Glue adjoining sides together inside the seam on the adjacent folds.

7.  The bottom should fold naturally, but might need some adjustment.  Each fold on the bottom should alternate in and out.

8.  Fold the piece of 1/4" ribbon in half and glue the ends to the tip of the bell.

9.  Tie the piece of 1.5" ribbon at the top of the bell, covering the ends of the 1/4" ribbon and the tip of the bell.

10.  Tie the 1.5" ribbon into a bow and trim the ends.

11.  Glue the decorative crystal or jingle bell to the tip at the bottom.

Note.  The size of the bell can be modified simply by changing the size of the square.  The width of the bell (tall and narrow or short and wide) can be changed by adjusting the size of the octagon in the middle.  You might want to experiment with a few sizes using a plain piece of paper, in order to determine your own personal preference.


materials list                           

1 - 8" x 8" piece of cardstock

1 - 8" x 8" piece of printed fabric

1 - 18" len of 1.5"-wide wired ribbon

1 - 6" length of 1/8"-wide ribbon

1 - decorative crystal or bell