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clothespin angel

difficulty rating - 5

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, sharpened pencil, small paint brush.



Gather supplies. 



1. Lay the piece of tulle ribbon on a flat surface.  Position your fingers in the center at one end, and using a "walking" motion with your fingers, gather the ribbon together to form a tight ruffle. 

2.  Place a small rubberband tightly around the center of the gathering where your fingers are holding.

3.  Fold the tulle in half over the rubberband.  Secure the tulle to the clothespin by putting the top of the clothespin through the rubberband.

4.  Arrange the tulle to form a full skirt by spreading the tulle around the clothespin on the rubberband.  Set aside.

5.  Use the ribbon to form a bow with two loops and two tails.  Secure the bow with a rubberband at the center.

6.  As you did with the skirt, secure the bow to the clothespin by placing the rubberband over the top of the clothespin.  Arrange the ribbon to form wings.

7.  Take the piece of chenille and wrap the center once around the "neck" of the clothespin, leaving the arms extended to the front.  Fold in a short length at the tips for the hands.

8.  Tie a loop in the gold string and secure it around the "neck" to make a hanger.  Glue the ball cap onto the top of the clothespin.

9.  Glue hair and a halo (the gold ring) to top of the head. 

10.  Add eyes to the face by dipping the back end of a paintbrush into black paint and "dotting" onto the face.  Add highlights to the eyes by dipping the point of a sharpened pencil into white paint and "dotting" over the black.

11.  Add a touch of rouge to the cheeks.  Position the musical instrument into the hands formed with the chenille.

1 - round clothespin

1 - 30-36" length of 6"-wide tulle

1 - 1" dowel cap with 1/2" hole

1 - 15"-18" len 3"-wide wired ribbon

1 - 1/2 stem white bump chenille

1 - 12" length thin gold cording

1 - gold ring

1 - clump of curly doll hair

materials list                           

1 - small musical instrument

2 - small rubber bands

white paint for eyes

black paint for eyes

rouge for cheeks