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chip clip penguin

difficulty rating - 2

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, fine-point black marker.


Gather supplies.  Paint the wooden hearts orange and let dry.  Fold the 3" x 4" piece of fleece in half to make a 3" x 2" piece and sew the edge opposite of the fold.



1. Turn the fleece hat right side out.  Gather one end and secure with a rubber band.  Fold back the opposite end to make a cuff.

2.  Put hot glue on the stitched seam inside the hat.  Quickly open the chip clip and position in place on the front half of the clip.

3.  Open the chip clip and place the scarf inside just above the hinge.

4.  Tie the scarf in front.  Trim as needed.  Fringe the ends of the scarf.

5.  Glue the orange hearts onto the bottom corners of the clip for feet.

6. Trim the black felt squares into a tear-drop shape. 

7.  Glue the black felt pieces onto the back of the clip next to the magnet.

8.  Trim the orange felt to the desired shape and size for the nose, and glue the nose onto the clip just above the scarf.  Use a permanent black marker to add the eyes.

materials list                           

1 - 3" chip clip (see picture)

1 - 3" x 4" piece of fleece

1 - 10" x 1/2" piece of fleece

1 - 1/2" square piece of orange felt

2 - 3" x 1/2" piece of black felt

2 - 1/2" wooden heart

1 - small rubberband

orange paint for wooden hearts