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charlie brown tree

difficulty rating - 1

how to...


scissors, glue



Gather supplies, drill small hole in center of 6" slats



1. Place the 6" slats perpendicularly, lining up the holes, and glue in place.

2.  Glue the 2" slats to the ends of one of the 6" slats, on the same side as the other 6" slat.

3.  Shape the garland into a droopy tree, trimming branches as needed to make it appear scraggly.

4.  Glue the end wire of the garland into the hole in the stand, making sure the 2" slats are on the bottom.

5.  Use the wire ornament hook to hang the ornament from the top of the tree.

materials list                           

1 - 12"-length of pine garland

2 - 2" x 6" wooden slat

2 - 2" x 2" wooden slat

1 - 1 1/2" glass ball ornament

1 - wire ornament hook