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difficulty rating - 5

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, fine-point black marker, scotch tape.


Gather supplies.  Fold the large piece of felt in half, right sides together, making a folded piece of fabric 5" x 5".  Sew or glue the edge opposite the fold, right sides together. 



1.  Fold the fur strip in half.  Line up the folded edge of the fur with the folded edge of the velvet overlapping slightly, wrong sides together.

2.  Glue the fur all the way around the edge of the velvet.  Do not trim the excess length of fur.

3.  On the opposite side, gather the fabric together and secure tightly with a rubberband.

4.  Turn the velvet right side out and fold back the fur to form a cuff.

5.  Place the ornament inside the hat, top first.  Glue lightly in place at the top and bottom only.  Set aside.

6.  Assemble the hymnal.  Set aside.

7.  Fold one of the 2" squares of velvet over your index finger, point to point.

8.  Draw in the other two corners to the center and hold.

9.  Secure with a rubber band.

10.  Slip the piece of velvet off of your finger.  Repeat with the other 2" piece of velvet.

11.  Glue the mittens to the back of the hymnal, positioning the rubber bands just off the edge.

12.  Trim back the fur on the bottom of the hat to make room for the hymnal.

13.  Glue the hymnal to the bottom of the hat.

14.  Use the excess fur to cover the raw edges of the mittens.  Trim as needed.

15.  Tie the white ribbon into a bow and glue at the seam above the hymnal.

16.  Clump a few strands of curls together and secure the end with a small piece of scotch tape.

17.  Insert the taped end of the curls into the sides of the hat and glue in place.

18.  Use a marker to draw the eyes, nose, mouth and freckles of the caroler.  Apply some rouge to the cheeks.  Thread the gold string through the hat for a hanger.

1 - 2 1/2" white ball ornament

1 - 5" x 10" piece of velvet

2 - 2" x 2" piece of velvet

1 - 2" x 10" piece of white faux fur

1 - 6" length of 1/4" white ribbon

2 - clumps of curly hair

1 - 6" length of gold string

1 - 1 5/8" x 3 1/8" black cardstock

materials list                           

1 - 1 1/2" x 3" piece of sheet music

3 - small rubber bands

pink rouge