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can snowman

difficulty rating - 5

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, black marker.


Gather supplies.  Paint an uncrushed aluminum can white.  If the label is difficult to cover, spray first with silver paint and then white.  Carefully remove the tab before painting.  Paint a small pill cup black and let it dry.



1.  Hold the can by the sides in an upright position with the hole in the top of the can seated to the front.  Pinch a crease in the can 2 inches below the top. 

2.   Bend the top of the can forward so that the snowman face is directed to the front.

3.  Make the scarf from the piece of fabric by cutting 1/2-inch long slits into the ends for fringe.  Glue the center portion of the scarf around the top edge of the can, letting the excess fabric dangle.

4.  Cut a nose from the orange felt or foam.  Position the nose on the top of the can to cover the sharp piece left by the tab and glue in place.  Glue the google eyes in place above the nose.

5.  Glue the pill cup upside-down on the top edge of the can for a hat.

6.  Glue the poms onto the front of the can for buttons.

7.  Cut two 1" pieces from the end of the chenille stem.  Twist a short piece of chenille onto each end of the long piece of chenille to make hands.

8.  Glue the assembled chenille stem under the fold of the can to make arms, and bend the excess to make elbows.

9.  Bend the piece of wired greenery into a circle to form a wreath and add the red bow.  Hang the finished wreath on the left elbow.

10.  Use the raffia to make bristles for the broom.  Loop the raffia around three fingers, remove intact and tie one end. 

11.  Snip the loops at the other end.  Tie or glue the bristles to the dowel rod.

12.  Position the broom in the hand on the right arm and twist the chenille around the broom handle to hold in place.

1 - aluminum can

1 - small pill cup

1 - 3/8" dowel rod 4" long

3 - 1/2" black poms

1 - long piece raffia

1 - 1/2" x 1" piece orange foam

1 - 12" brown chenille

2 - 5/8" google eyes

materials list                           

1 - 4" piece wired pine or garland

1 - 1" red velvet bow

1 - 1" x 15" piece of plaid fabric

white paint

black paint