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christmas birdhouse

difficulty rating - 4

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, wire cutters.


Gather supplies. 



1.  Glue a background of holly leaves for the basic shape.

2.  Add evergreen branches fanning out from a point near the bottom left.

3.  Add berry branches fanning from the same point.

4.  Glue a velvet bow on top of the center point, hiding the raw ends of the stems.

5.   Add an instrument to the center behind the bow. 

6.  Add some crystal branches for accent.

8.  Glue the dowel rod peg into the drilled hole for a bird perch.

9.  Corrugate the cardstock.  Fold the corrugated cardstock in half and align with the peak of the roof.  Glue in place.

7.  Add some white sticks for additional accent.

10.  Glue the triangle wedge to the center back to make a stand.

materials list                           

1 - 12" tall 1x6 birdhouse form

1 - triangle wedge from roof cut

pine branches (5 to 6)

berry branches (3 or 4)

twigs painted white (3 to 6)

holly leaves (4 to 6)

1 - 4" red velvet bow

1 - 2" musical instrument

1 - 1.5" length 1/4" wooden dowel

1 - 1" x 12" piece black cardstock

crystal branches (2 to 3)