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1. Using a fine-tip marker, trace the outside edge of the star, adding patterned tick marks.

2.  Arrange some raffia pieces or straw for a bed for the manger and glue in place.

3.  Use the fabric strip to wrap baby Jesus, covering the bottom first.  Glue down the end of the fabric strip.

4.  Position baby Jesus in the bed of straw and glue in place.

6.  Glue the red heart to the front of baby Jesus.

7.  Wrap the wire around a pencil to make loops.  Slip the wire off the end of the pencil.

8.  Shape the wire into an arch and secure the ends to the top of the star using the pre-drilled holes.

9.  Tie the red ribbon into a bow onto the wire hanger at one end.

5.  Add eyes using a fine-tip marker.  Reduce the ring size if necessary and glue in place for a halo.

how to...


hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, pencil, fine-point black marker.



Gather supplies.  Paint the wooden heart with red paint and let it dry.  Drill holes in the star for the hanger.



baby jesus star

difficulty rating - 3

1 - 4" wooden star

1 - 12" length 22-gauge wire

1 - 24" x 1/2" piece white muslin

1 - 2" wooden boy peg

1 - 1/2" wooden heart (or red felt)

1 - gold ring

1 - 12" length of 1/8" red ribbon

1 - long piece of raffia (or straw)

red paint

materials list